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Artworks at the
Penwith Gallery

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'Herne' oil on board, 75cm x 106cm £7,400

‘Herne’ oil on board. Quite a lot going on in this one! Another foray into folklore (see ‘Veiled ’til dusk’), the ancient/present and the masks we carry in life (along with a myriad of other related imagery set within a landscape). Nuggets include a homage to ‘The Wicker Man’ film where pagan stick figures dance from left to right. Another nugget is the shadow of a stags head across the whole painting in homage to the mythology of Herne, the Horned Man, the Hunter of Dark and the Master of Winter who had the head (or antlers) of a stag (initially  my stag head narrative was born from the shamanic spirit ‘Herne the Hunter’ from the seminal and essential mid-eighties TV viewing ‘Robin of Sherwood’!… bit of a film/TV theme going on here come to think of it!… there’s even a snake diagram from Springwatch in there too! Influence for story telling, it would seem, can come from many a source!). There is also a portrait on the right hand half as well as a mother with/and child (representing fertility/sex and the reason for the ritual dance (both for the land and mother)), who’s head triples up as the portrait eye as well as the snake's. The face is exiting right, away from the dance, influenced by Eden’s snake. One person's comment on Instagram about this painting’s narrative kindly read “Fabulous… I’m glad I’m not in your head though!”.

'Worn Paths'
oil on board
31cm x 55.5cm

'Lobster Coast'
oil on board
17cm x 23cm

Rising 18cm x 23cm.png

oil on board
18cm x 23cm

'Watching Over'
oil on board

30cm x 57.5

A walk with Tom.png

'A Walk with Tom'
oil on board
29cm x 34cm

Battles can wait.png

'Battles can wait'
oil on board
21cm x 40cm

Artworks at the 
Belgrave Gallery

For all enquiries please contact
or call01736 794888



My studio door on Porthmeor Road, St Ives. Now featured on the town's tourist guide front cover!

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