Now showing at The Belgrave Gallery, St.Ives. "Leswidden Clay Pit to Longships" etching, £160 (1/25 Sold, other editions available)

The Pages Turn, oil on board, 4ft x 8ft

Now showing at The Penwith Gallery, St.Ives, Cornwall until the 6th of December 2020 and is on sale for £15,000

On Stage from Birth

UNESCO to Tesco

"On Stage from Birth" and "UNESCO to Tesco" were on show at the Belgrave Gallery, St.Ives, Cornwall. The show ran from the 13th of July to the 30th of August 2019.

On Stage from Birth, oil on board, 61.5cm x 44cm, £1,900

UNESCO to Tesco, oil on board, 38cm x 61cm, SOLD

Shown till September 2019 at The Penwith Gallery, St.Ives. "Perpetual Impermanence", oil on board, 4ft x 8ft, £15,000

Barbara Hepworth, Magic Stone in foreground.


oil on board,

122cm x 106cm


Was on show at The Penwith Gallery, St.Ives


Art Deco St.Ives Skatepark Project. All proceeds from this auction went towards the much needed upgrade of St.Ives Skatepark. Info @stivesskateparkproject (Insta) and www.stivesorchard/skatepark