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“Jason Lilley could be referred to as a “fourth generation neo romantic” in his return to a late 40s style  of depiction. His new works observe and record the inner life of of the north coast, West Penwith landscape, of everything that grows, wriggles, walks crawls and flies its unique Stone and Bronze Age land.
Using a limited colour palette Lilley has evolved a way of sewing the whole painting together using an intestinal, meandering, glyphic, graphic line language.  The whole evokes the life, in visual marks, of the sensory experience of driving and walking the West Penwith moors.
After Peter Lanyon’s contribution to this subject, in the 1950s, it could not have been an easy task to create a personal, symbolic language at this late stage, in the “painting games” evolution.  Yet he has forged a style that gives us a new way of reading, through the experience of his paintings, a new referent for when we next go and experience this beautiful ancient area of Cornwall.”

Clark Rickard

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Work can be found at:

Belgrave Gallery, St.Ives                                     

Penwith Gallery, St.Ives                                      

Studio No.7, Porthmeor Road, St.Ives, Cornwall     

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