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In Bed.jpeg

From in Bed to End of Bed

oil on board

31cm x 38cm

Jason Lilley




Simple landscape painting. Abstracted pictorial response to coasts, rocks and fields. 


Narrative based on the figures within the painting, parent and child in bed (Fig. 1) and figure at the end of the bed (Fig. 2). A  representation of the day after birth and the day before death. The figure at 

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the end of the bed is a reference to the night before my father died. He asked me who the person at the end of the bed was, but there was no one there. I asked him to describe the person, which he did, he thought he was a relative of some kind. One of the last things we talked about, which I put down to his morphine induced state, still weird though.

In bed.png

Fig. 1

End of bed.png

Fig. 2

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